When Is It Time for Marriage Counseling?

Even the most compatible couples face issues in their marriage from time to time. In the best of situations, those couples are able to address whatever is happening and settle on a way to overcome and maybe enjoy a relationship that’s stronger than ever. At other times, some assistance from a professional is needed before the couple can find their own answers. Here are some examples of times when seeking marriage counseling is the best approach.

Facing a Major Life Change

When any type of major change is about to happen, some couples roll with the punches, embrace the change, and move forward. Others are divided on how to face whatever is happening and feel unable to come to a decision that works for both. It could be related to a job offer that requires moving across the country, the death of a loved one, or possibly the kids graduating from high school and leaving for college.

If facing the change is causing difficulties, counseling can provide a means of sorting through all the hopes, fears, and other mixture of feelings that each spouse is experiencing. In many cases, a counselor is able to guide the couple so they understand each other’s point of view clearly and reach a point they can decide jointly how to move forward.

In a Rut

Every marriage goes through phases where life seems to be running on automatic. Couples do the same things every day, almost as if by rote. While one or both may feel some frustration and want to break out of the rut, it seems impossible. Worst of all, they may begin to resent one another because there isn’t any excitement in the marriage any longer.

Counseling can help the couple look beyond perceptions and once again talk to each other about those frustrations. With guidance, they may find both of them would like to shake things up a bit and try new things together. They may also find that parts of their current life are actually quite good and decide hanging onto those elements is still a great idea.

Dealing With Infidelity

One of the most severe issues to deal with is the infidelity of a spouse. It destroys trust and often leads to the end of the relationship. For couples who want to deal with the aftermath but are not sure what they can do, a counselor can make a world of difference.

With a firm commitment on the part of both spouses, a counselor can help them increase the odds of coming to terms with what happened, identify how to move past it, and find their way back to one another.

These are only a few examples of when it’s time to seek help from a professional counselor. Whatever you and your spouse are facing, consider how counseling could make it easier to talk and really hear what the other is saying and feeling. Those sessions could make all the difference in the years to come.